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Seasonal Appliance Services

Springtime is always a great time in Colorado! The days start getting longer, the trees start blooming, and the weather starts getting warmer. When spring is here, summer is right around the corner. Of course one never knows what the weather will bring to Colorado's Front Range. It can go from 75 degrees to snow, all in the same day!

With all these weather changes we start to use our appliances differently. Refrigerators and freezers run more in the summer, ice makers go into overload, and in Colorado, we can use our furnaces and air conditioners, both in the same day!

So here is a few tips to help you prepare for the seasonal changes.

  • Change the filter on your furnace. This should be done monthly in both summertime and wintertime. 
  • Clean your refrigerator condenser coils. Do this 2-3 times a year, or more if you have animals.
  • Have your dryer venting system cleaned. A clean dryer vent will help to ward off fire hazards.
  • If you reverse your ceiling fan in the winter, don't forget to change it back to normal rotation for the summer.
  • Change the pads on your swamp cooler to increase efficiency, and help insure your indoor air is healthier to breathe.
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