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Ice Maker Not Making Ice?

This time of year it sure is nice to have a refrigerator ice maker. With all the holiday parties, the demand for ice can be especially high. But what can you do if your ice maker stops making ice and you can't get an appliance repairman out before your Christmas party? Here are a few tips that might help keep you in ice and save the day! These are simple things to check, however I find the simple things are often overlooked.

  • The first thing to check for is if the ice maker has been turned off. Depends on which ice maker you have is to how to check if it's on or off. Some ice makers have a bale arm that lifts when it cycles. Check to see what position it's in. If the ice maker is not in the middle of a cycle the arm should be down. Other ice makers have power switches and yet others are controlled through the electronic system.
  • You should also verify if the water is on to the refrigerator. One easy way to check this if you have water and ice, is to try the water feature. If it works you have water to the fridge. If not you may need to turn the water on. 
  • Check the water supply valve as to whether or not it's a piercing valve, (also know as a needle valve). If it is, hard water deposits may have clogged the water line it's attached to. If it is clogged you can try closing the valve all the way off and then reopening it. That can unclog a piercing valve sometimes. Many times though, these valves go bad and need replacing. If it does need replacing you should use a regular plumbing valve for the replacement. It's works better than piercing valves and is also recommend by the appliance manufacturer. 
  • One other thing you can try is to replace the water filter on your refrigerator (if you have one). They too can get clogged and should be replaced as needed. 

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