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Refrigerator Repair Tips

Refrigerator Repair Tips

Summertime seems to make our appliances work harder. The heat stresses washer and dryers causing them to work harder and use more energy. But our refrigerators really work hard when the temperature rises.

Here are a couple of tips that can help to keep your refrigerator cool in the summertime heat!

  • Cleaning your condenser coils can greatly improve your refrigerators performance! Depending on the make and model is to whether it can be done from the front or back. Use a condenser cleaning brush to brush out the coils. Be sure to clean the floor when you are done because a lot of the dirt will fall on the floor underneither the condenser coils.
  •  A shop vac is another way to clean it but you can't always get to the entire coil when using it. So, you can always blow the refrigerator coils out with compressed air, but be careful the dust and dirt will go everywhere!
  • Refrigerators in your garage will not always perform well. Especially when the temperature gets really hot outside. Just remember this before calling someone out to repair your refrigerator. It may be that your garage is too hot for your refrigerator to cool properly.

For more on refrigerator repair in Boulder, Longmont and Westminster Colorado, check out our refrigerator repair page or call one of our friendly Trinity representatives. We're here to help your refrigerator stay cool!