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Air Conditioning Repair in Westminster CO

Here we are mid July 2014, and wow the time sure does go fast! This summer hasn't been too hot yet and I'm not sure it will get there, for too long anyways. Sure, we have had brief spells of 90's plus and will get them again. So yea... we've had a few hot days, but nothing compared to the Summer of 2012's record setting heat wave!

But even though that's true I'm still getting a lot of air conditioning repair calls in Westminster Colorado this year. The service calls start hitting big when the temperatures start rising!!

So here's a Big tip to help you Save Money While Keeping Cool!

Keep your air conditioner serviced, cleaned and maintained! I know keep playing this same note, but it's important! Just take a look at these pictures below of a before and after an air conditioning service and repair.

I found this condenser extremely dirty. This dirt impedes the air conditioners ability to do its job to keep you cool! When your condenser coil outside gets this dirty it can also cause harm to the components within the air conditioner itself!

Air Conditioner Clean and Service

If you maintain your air conditioner it will simply; work better, last longer and save you money! Have it serviced every year or two and you'll be glad you did!

For more on air conditioning repair in Westminster Colorado, check out our other blogs or give us a call, we're here to help!