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Westminster Furnace Repair

The summer of 2013 has certainly been a cooler summer than 2012! We had the monsoon rains which has kept us cooler this year. Now the kids are getting ready to go back to school and it won't be long before fall is here. Fall time is a great time to think about your furnace. Is it going to work properly for you this winter? The best way to find out is to get your furnace serviced, and in the fall there is plenty of time to get that done. Also, if you need a furnace replacement fall is best for that too! When you start on your furnace needs in the fall you'll have lots of time to get things done before winter sets in. That will also give you plenty of time to get estimates for a furnace replacement if needed.

If you fire up your furnace and find that it doesn't work I posted a video that may help you fix the problem. If you want to get your furnace service or if you find yourself in need of a furnace repair give Trinity Services a call and we would be glad to help! For more information on Furnace Repair call us at 303-255-7400.