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Choosing an Air Conditioning Company

Air Conditioning Repairs in Westminster & Broomfield

Seems like the summer of 2013 is off to a late start in Westminster and Broomfield Colorado. We just celebrated Memorial Day with the unofficial kick off to summer. But the heat isn't on yet. But don't wait too long because before you know it will be! It's best to have your air conditioner cleaned, serviced and repaired before air conditioning companies get too busy! But which air conditioning repair company to choose is the big question!


Air Conditioning Repair

Seems like once the summertime heat is here most air conditioning companies are backed up in repairs and replacements. It's harder to get someone out fast because all the companies are very busy. It's best to head off the ac break downs with a service before it get too hot! But if you find yourself in need of an air conditioning repair call Trinity Services to haver a factory trained air conditioning technician out to your home. Most air conditioners are repaired the same day the technician is out!


Air Conditioning Service

Servicing air conditioners is the best way to get the most out of it It is also the best way to save money. A well maintained air conditioning system will save you money when you are using it.

Keeping the coils, and the blower assembly clean is the first line of defense, and that can be helped along by keeping the furnace filter replaced properly. Filters should be replaced monthly during both the heating and cooling seasons. The air conditioning coils should be checked for cleanliness and the electrical system should also be checked for any brewing problems with loose connections. Having your air conditioner professionally tuned will keep more money in your pocket while keeping you comfortable at the same time!


Choosing An Air Conditioning Repair Company

With the many different ac companies to choose from, picking one can be a bit overwhelming. Picking the right one can save you money while picking the wrong one can cost you money. A couple things to look at that might help you to choose are;

  • A Nate Certified company will help you to ensure that their technicians know what they are doing. They have to pass rigorous tests to get certified. They are tested to be sure they know how to properly service, repair and install your HVAC system. Nate Certified technicians have to re-certify every 5 years. To re-certify, technicians have to retest unless they get at least 60 hours of Nate approved training during that same 5 years.   
  • Checking with the BBB is another good thing to do. The BBB rates companies on a letter scale A-F. They also record customer complaints to the BBB. Two things to look at with complaints; 1st check to see if the company has unanswered complaints. If the company doesn't respond to their customers complaints, personally it makes me wonder why. 2nd thing to look at is if the company has too many complaints. Now understand that most all companies get complaints in their existence, but how they handle the complaints speaks to the companies integrity.
  • One other thing you can do is to check the companies over-all online reviews. Again every company gets a bad review, but understand most people will go out of their way to post a bad review, and not as many people will do the same to post a good review. If the company has more good reviews than bad, they are more than likely to be a good air conditioning company to hire.

These are just a couple important things that you can look at to help you select the right company. Just do your homework before hiring an air conditioning company, it can save you allot of headaches and money too!

For more on Air Conditioning Repair in Westminster & Broomfield, call Trinity Services a today. We are here to help!