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Air Conditioning Service & Repair in Westminster

2012/2013 certainly has been a mixed up heating season. We had our spring in the winter and then when spring actually hit the calendar winter hit Westminster Colorado. One never knows what the weather will be.

With that said, it looks like spring has finally really come, and before you know it summer will be here. With summertime just around the corner it's time to think about having your air conditioner serviced. A well maintained air conditioning system will cool your home while saving you money.

A few things that should be checked with an air conditioning service are listed below. Cleanliness is a major factor when doing an ac service and air flow is critical when heating and cooling your home. So we check to make sure everything is clean. If things are not clean the air conditioning system will not work properly. And if your ac is dirty it will need to be cleaned for proper maintenance.

  • One thing we check is the outside coil (called the condenser). The condenser works allot like a radiator on a car. The radiator removes heat from inside your engine block and displaces that heat when the fan blows air across it. The condenser displaces the heat we pick up from inside the home with the fan that we blow across it. We check the condenser to be sure that it isn't clogged with debris and dirt and that it isn't damaged from hail or some other source. When dirt clogs the fins or when they get damaged, that restricts the air flow. When we restrict the air flow across the condenser we decrease the amount of heat it can displace. That directly impacts the amount of heat we can remove from inside the home. So then your air conditioner ends up running more and cooling less. That will cost you more money and keep you less comfortable.
  • The other coil in your air conditioning system is called the (a-coil). The a-coil sits on top of the furnace and it is what removes the heat from inside the home. And just like the condenser when it gets dirty it doesn't remove as much heat from your home, which means it won't cool very well. Another thin that can happen when the a-coil get dirty is it can freeze up. Of course when that happens air can not flow at all, and your home will not cool off properly.
  • One other thing that should be checked for cleanliness is the blower assembly. A couple things with this is; first we check the motor. A dirty motor will go out much sooner because the air flow is decreased. Air flows across the motor to keep it cool. When a motor overheats that will typically break down the oil that lubricates the bearings. Over time that will cause the bearings to go bad and the only repair when that happens is to replace the motor. Replacing blower motors is an expensive repair and keeping the motor clean will help to save you money. The second thing to check in the blower assembly is the blower itself. If it clogs with dirt it will not move as much air. And as I said said earlier air flow is critical in an air conditioning system. The less air that flows with air conditioning the less cooling it will do and the more money you will spend trying to cool your home.
  • One thing that everyone should do, is replace the furnace filter monthly. The same filter that works for the furnace is the same one that works for the air conditioner. Replacing the filter monthly can help to avoid those costly repairs of having to have the coils cleaned or having to replace a blower motor. It will also help keep your air conditioning system running efficiently. And of course that will save you money.
  • Other things that should be checked it an air conditioning service is the refrigerant level, the electrical components, the line set insulation and the compressor, among other things.

Having your air conditioner serviced can help you avoid costly air conditioning repairs. Of course there is no guarantee that when you get an ac serviced that it won't break still, but it does help to head off some of the problems you can have. It will also help you save money by keeping it running efficiently. And everyone knows that if your air conditioner breaks it will be on the hottest day of the year. And of course that is when air conditioning companies are the most busiest. 

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