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Gas Fireplace Repair Colorado

Gas fireplaces are great to have and use in the cold Colorado winter days. What a wonderful thing to have for many occasions. From the holiday parties to staying warm and cozy while you're snuggling up with your loved one on the couch! But one should never neglect having the fireplace serviced yearly for safe and efficient use.

There are different types of fireplaces. Some are gas log sets. A gas log set is installed in what used to be a wood burning fireplace. Gas log sets are nice to look at and they produce a great looking fire, but they don't give up much heat. Most of the heat goes up the chimney. Others are inserts and therefore fall under the code for appliances. They will actually heat your home while they're burning, giving you more bang for your buck. They both need to checked and serviced yearly for safety and efficiency. But who do you call to have your gas fireplace serviced and repaired?

There are many companies available in Colorado and there are a lot of Gas Fireplaces To Repair. But how do you know which company to use? You'll find that when you call around every company has its own price structure. And, not all companies do the same job. I know it's a tough choice to make, so I will share some things you might check when making your decision.

  • I find that many folks base their decision solely on price and that's okay, but like with any other thing in life, I think one should ask how prices can be so vastly different? Can one company really do the same job and charge a lot less than another company? I suppose you might find that sometimes, but usually it's not the case.
  • I personally would recommend thinking about safety and quality first! Not all companies perform the same Safety Checks and not all companies do the same quality work. In fact, I have personally seen where fireplace safeties are bypassed and I am told it was done by a professional fireplace repair company. It's hard to believe that a professional company would do that but I have seen it with my own eyes. So ask a lot of questions about what a company does exactly and how they do it.
  • I would also recommend looking at the companies online reviews, and checking with the BBB to find out how they are rated.

There are many things that a repair technician should check on your gas fireplace. Some of the checks are only applicable to inserts, but some apply both.

  • The technician should check for Natural Gas leaks with a Gas Leak Detector and it should be check when the fireplace burning. At the same time the tech should also check for Carbon Monoxide leaks with a CO Detector.
  • The burner should be checked for safety. Sometimes the burner will crack or rust through which causes a safety hazard. The door gasket should also be checked for cracking and fraying. If the door gasket doesn't seal properly it may leak CO.
  • The venting should be checked to be sure it is vented properly and that it hasn't come apart somewhere in the system. Of course one can't see through walls, but usually if there's a problem with the vent it will show up in the fire. Nevertheless the vent should be inspected visually as as much as possible. If the vent terminates at the roof it should be checked to make sure tree branches or something else hasn't knocked it loose.
  • The voltage should be checked at the pilot assembly. The pilot produces voltage to run your gas fireplace and pilots get weak. When that happens the pilot produces less voltage and causes the fireplace fire to come off and on randomly.
  • As far as cleaning, I believe it's best to thoroughly clean the entire fireplace. The glass, the logs, the gas service area, the burner and the pilot assembly, it should all be cleaned and inspected.

I have repaired many fireplaces with just a cleaning. But if it's not cleaned properly it isn't repaired properly. There are times when  I have offered cleanings to customers for a suggested repair and the customer reports that the fireplace was just cleaned and serviced. After the cleaning the tech couldn't figure out how to repair the fireplace, so the customer called for a second opinion. Usually I find that when I moved forward with the cleaning, the cleaning was all that was needed.

How could a technician clean the fireplace and not fix the the problem when I know it worked for me? Well, to be honest it looked like it was never cleaned at all. In fact, that is why I recommended having it cleaned in the first place. As I said earlier, not all fireplace repair companies perform the same. Some companies do a much better job than others when they clean and repair your gas fireplace.

So in conclusion, when you hire a gas fireplace company know that price can be deceiving. Just because it's cheaper doesn't mean it's better. Take into consideration all the aspects of the company and how they work. Ask lots of questions and investigate the company online. And compare apples with apples when you are checking for prices.

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