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Air Conditioning, Furnace Repair Westminster

In Westminster Colorado at this time of year we can find ourselves using our furnace one day and our air conditioner another. You know what they say, "if you don't like the weather wait ten minutes and it will change" and how true that is!

As we enter spring one has to make a choice whether to have the furnace repaired or wait til next fall to do it and have the air conditioning repaired and serviced instead. But there are components in the furnace that affect both the air conditioner and the furnace.

The filter for example, filters the air in both seasons. If the filter is dirty and clogged it will decrease the air-flow. If the air-flow is decreased in the air conditioning season it can cause the A-Coil that sits on top of the furnace to freeze up. When that happens the air conditioner will not cool the house at all! If it clogs during the heating season it can cause the furnace to over heat which damages parts with-in the furnace.

The blower assembly is another part of the furnace that affects both the heating and cooling part of you system. If it gets noisy that is an indicator that something is wrong. If it goes out the unit won't heat or cool. If it is dirty it can cause the same type of problems a dirty filter will. Also the A-Coil that I mentioned above, is another thing that affects both the heating and cooling. If you have a clogged filters and a dirty blower assembly, your A-Coil is probably clogged as well, and once again that will cause the same problems mentioned with a dirty filter.

With all that being said, filters should be replace monthly and your furnace and air conditioner should both be serviced on a regular basis. Keeping them serviced will help get you years of use, and save you money! It will also give you assurance that you are safely heating your home. Call Trinity today for all your heating and cooling needs!