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Garage Refrigerator Repair in Colorado

Refrigerators that are placed in garages work well most of the time. However, when the outside temperature gets too cold or too hot it can have a hard time keeping the correct temperatures.

In Westminster, Thornton, Arvada, and Boulder Colorado the weather can get extreme and when the outside temp is too cold you may find the freezer food area will struggle to keep the food frozen. This happens when the actual cold control is in the fresh food area. The fresh food compartment temperature should be about 35-40 degrees. When the outside air is cold enough to keep the fresh food compartment cold control satisfied, the refrigerator won't run much if at all. In the meantime the freezer needs to be 0-5 degrees for proper temperature and if the refrigerator doesn't run the freezer will not get cold enough and your freezer food will begin thaw.

When the outside temperature to too hot, the entire refrigerator will struggle to keep cold enough. When we cool a refrigerator we actually remove the heat from the inside of the refrigerator and place it to the outside of the refrigerator. When the outside temperature is too hot we can only remove so much heat. The hotter the outside temperature the less heat we can remove. The less heat we can remove to the outside of the refrigerator the less heat we can pick-up from the inside. The less heat we pick up from the inside of the refrigerator the warmer your food will get.

So what does this mean to you? If you are experiencing refrigerator cooling problems in your garage when the outside temperature is extreme, you may want to wait a couple days until the outside temperature gets out of the extreme to see if your refrigerator starts cooling again. You may find that you don't need a refrigerator repair after-all.

If you find you do need a Denver Refrigerator Repair, give us a call we're here to help!