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Appliance Repair-Electronic Controls

Today most appliances have electronic controls. We see them in all kitchen and laundry appliances. The problems we see can vary from a refrigerator not cooling, or ovens not heating properly, to washer controls locking out and not responding. The causes vary just as much as the problems. We see bad controls, touch panels going out, and refrigerators with bad defrost heaters. The problems and causes are too numerous to mention all in one blog.

The first thing that we do when we see a weird problem with the electronics is to unplug or disconnect the power to the appliance. Typically you would want to leave the appliance without power for about one minute. That's to help clear out any memory the board might be storing. I would say that disconnecting the power will repair the appliance 5-10 percent of the time.

In conclusion if your appliance control is acting up, try disconnecting power and see if it repairs your appliance. You never know it just might save you a service charge.