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Should you replace or repair your appliance?

Isn't it amazing how technology has changed our lives over the years? We’ve gone from snail mail to email, land line phones to cell phones, and we shop more on-line than we ever used to, and that goes up more every year.

That same technology operates many of our appliances today! Sometimes we use that technology without even realizing it. We turn knobs and think were operating a mechanical control, when in fact we are controlling a computer board. Computers pretty much operate the entire mechanical system and they touch virtually every appliance in our homes and businesses.

When I first started in this business some 25 plus years ago appliances were way different than they are now. Mother boards and sensors have replaced mechanical controls. We still have the motors and transmissions and such, but what used to be controlled by mechanical controls is now controlled by computers. Even some of the mechanical switches we use in appliances are put into computer boards and the board does the switching.

This adoption of technology into the appliance world has really changed the whole industry! The technology is used in our washers, dryers, refrigerators, and microwaves. We even use it in our heating and cooling appliances. It makes our furnaces and gas fireplaces run more efficiently and safely. We also use it to cool our homes better while using less energy to do it!

All of this technology has made our lives more convenient and comfortable but it can also be a real pain in the wallet. You see the more technology we use in our appliances the more often they seem to break. Seems while the old technology used more energy, it worked just fine and it lasted longer without repairs. When I first started in this industry most of the appliances then were 10-15 years old before needing repairs. Some of them performed perfectly for 30-40 years or more. Today’s appliances however seem to have a much shorter life without repairs. The average first repair for an appliance built today is about 3-6 years. Trinity has done warranty work for many manufacturers over the years, and first year repairs happen every day.

So with all of that being said the big question is; Should I Replace or Repair My Appliance?

That’s a hard question to answer right off the cuff! There are many things to look at when trying to make that decision. First, the over-all condition is important. For example; if you had a refrigerator that needed a $250.00 repair to get it cooling again, but the shelves are broken, the icemaker doesn’t work and it leaks water, it might not be worth repair. However, if that same refrigerator was in good condition except for the needed repair it might be worth repairing.

Another thing to consider is the over-all cost. I highlight the over-all cost because some folks forget to add in the tax and delivery charges when thinking about purchasing appliances. They only look at the cost of the appliance “On Sale” Once you know the total replacement costs for the appliance you can compare that to the repair costs.

Another thing to think about is this; do you like the appliance? Do you like its performance, and does it meet your needs? If you do like your appliance it might be worth it to you to have it repaired instead of replacing it. Now then, if you don't like your appliance you may not want to repair it. In that case replacing your appliance might be the better choice for you.

The next time you’re faced with a broken appliance in the Boulder/Denver metro areas. Give Trinity a call! We can help!

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