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Furnace Repair In Broomfield Colorado

Here it is October 14th, and where did the time go? Seems like I was just working on air conditioning, and now I'm all geared up for furnace repair. October is a great time to get your furnace serviced and checked for the upcoming winter. It's always good to get it done before winter sets in. If you get it serviced early and you're told you need a new furnace, you will have time to get a second opinion and shop for prices.

If you have already fired up your furnace this season and find that it doesn't work properly, you will need a furnace repair. Fortunately you will have time to get it repaired before you find yourself without heat when it really gets cold!

Many furnace companies have one thing in mind; sell a new furnace! Some of them do not really want to repair your furnace; they want to install a new one for you. That's okay if you a need a new furnace, but many times you don't. The best way to find out is to get a second opinion. Unfortunately it's not always practical when it's below freezing outside and all of the furnace companies are busy. You will need to get heat as soon as possible and the choices will be limited by time. That's why I suggest starting early in the season with a furnace service.

Trinity tries to do what's best for our customers. We are a furnace repair company! The first thing that we care about is safety. If the furnace is safe to operate and our customer wants it repaired, then we don't try to talk them into a new one.

However, sometimes we find that the furnace heat exchanger is cracked. When that happens it's almost always best to replace the furnace. The only time I think that a repair is best with a cracked heat exchanger, is when the furnace is newer, and has a warranty on the part. That would also depend on the overall condition of the furnace. There are furnace repair companies that will say a furnace has a cracked heat exchanger when it really doesn't. Sometimes that happens because the furnace technician wants to sell a new furnace, other times it's on honest mistake. See, there is that thing called liability that keeps most technicians alert. I can say for myself, and I'm sure for most furnace repair technicians; we always try to error on the side of caution! 

If Trinity thinks the best choice is to replace your furnace, then we will tell you that too! See sometimes the repair begins to exceed the value of the furnace so we try to inform our customer so they can make the best choices for themselves. And while the furnaces of the 50's and 60's were built to last a life time, they usually do not have the safeties in place like the new furnaces built today do. In these cases safety is always first! Technology has changed a lot since then. Today's furnaces are much safer and efficient. Knowing what I know about furnaces; I prefer safety over durability, any day!

With all of that, I would say most furnaces are safe and worth repair. If you find yourself in need of a furnace repair, service or replacement in Broomfield CO give Trinity a call, we're here to help!