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Washer Repair in Longmont

Washers have been around for a long time, and have come long ways since the old washboard. They have even changed dramatically with-in the last 20 years. Today's washers can be a very high tech appliance, and with-out proper training it can be impossible to properly diagnose the problem. Even with proper factory training and factory technical assistance, the diagnoses can be a challenge.

You can rest assured when you call Trinity Appliance Repair Services you calling the best! 

Our technicians are factory trained and we carry appliance parts for common appliance repairs we find in the field. If we do need to order a part, we try to be as efficient as possilbe to get your appliance repaired.

If you need a washer repair in Longmont, Boulder, Westminster Colorado and the surrounding areas, call Trinity Appliance Repair Services. Whether you have a frontload or top load washer, high tech or low tech, we repair all washers most washer brands. Call today and speak to one of our friendly Trinity representatives.

How to properly load a washer

Basically, there are two things to think about when loading clothes into the washer. Try not to overload or under load the washer. Washers work best when full with clothes. With a frontload washer, fill the tub until it's full. Be sure no clothes are sticking out-side the tub and get caught in the door; as this can cause damage to the washer and clothing. Don't pack the clothes too tight as water and soap needs to freely move with-in the clothes for proper cleaning.

With top loads; load clothes in the washer to just before the top of the agitator (on washers with tall agitators), and set the water level to high.

Should you use hot water in your washer?

I believe you should use hot in your washer periodically. If you never use hot water to wash your clothes, the soap scum builds up in the washer much more easily, and that can cause musty odors. If you don't like to wash your clothes in hot water, at least run an empty load with hot water and bleach approximately once a week to help keep the soap scum from building up. There are also products available at your local store to use in your washer to help keep it clean.


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