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Using your Frontload HE Washer

HE washers are great! We have one and we love it! It does a great job cleaning the clothes, while saving me money. But they can be frustrating when they're not working properly. We also need to use it properly though to get the most out of it. Here are just a couple tips to help you use your HE washer to its fullest potential. This advice is mostly for frontload washing machines, but some of the tips will work for the top load HE Washers as well.

  • Use HE Soap! This is a must in all HE washers. The HE Soap suds less which is what you want when you are using a washer that uses less water. The less sudsy the soap the more soap you will rinse out of your clothes. Soap left in your clothes can cause skin irritations that are not very pleasant. If you find yourself itching a lot maybe you’re not getting all of the soap out of the clothes!
  • Use Less Soap! Soap manufactures are in the business of selling soap. This is their whole objective. So...don't take instructions from the ones who make the soap, take them from the Appliance Manufactures. They are in the business of yes; selling you appliances, but they are also trying to get the best performance out of the washing machine you bought from them. In all of the factory training I had had over the years, they all say the same thing. Use about a tablespoon or so of HE Soap per load. Believe it or not it is enough! 
  • Wash Large Loads! The HE Washers actual work better with large loads. As long as it is not overloaded. To fully and properly load a frontload HE Washer fill it until it's full. Fill it up but leave the clothes loose so that they can tumble properly while washing. Doing full loads of laundry will save you money and will help you to get the most out of your washer!
  • Watch For Mold and Mildew Build-Up! Today’s front load washers are better than the earlier models for this problem. But I still see it all the time. Mold and mildew will form on the door boot (bellows) over time if not properly tended to. Keep the boot dry when you are not using the appliance. We also keep our door slightly open to air it out. But be careful with that; we don't have a door light but if you do you can't leave the door open. Otherwise you will melt parts around the bulb, as bulbs are little heaters that get very hot!

These are just a few tips to help you get the best out of your HE Washer! For more on washing repairs in Denver, Boulder or Westminster Colorado, check out our website or call us. We are here to help!