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Is your Gas Fireplace Safely Heating Your Home?

This time of year we get a lot of gas fireplace repair calls. We usually get more repair calls than we get service and clean calls. However many of the repair calls could have been avoided if the gas fireplace was serviced and cleaned on a yearly basis. In fact we repair about half of the gas fireplaces we get by servicing and cleaning them! 

But that's not all that needs to be done. Your fireplace should also be checked for safety as well. To me Safety Is Job One!! It is one thing to have your gas fireplace working, it's another thing to have it working and heating your home Safely. It should be checked for many things like; Carbon Monoxide leaks and for Gas Leaks, and is the flame burning properly and is it venting properly? These are all important safety questions that should be answered before using your gas fireplace!

Another thing to think about is Carbon Monoxide Detectors! Do you have one? How old is it? Is it working properly? And at what levels does your CO Detector detect? I recommend Low Level Carbon Monoxide Detectors! They detect at lower and safer levels than traditional detectors.

Trinity can help you with all of these gas fireplace place issues. We service and repair all gas fireplaces! We also sell Low Level CO Detectors! So give us a call today.

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