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How To Make The Next Light Bulb Easier To Replace

Ever go to change a light bulb and can't get it out of the socket? Sometimes the bulb will even break off leaving the bottom half of the bulb stuck in the socket, and that really exasperates the problem! GRRR!

Well there is a very easy way to avoid that problem in the future. Take some Vaseline and spread just a very little bit of it on the threads of the bulb before you install it into the socket, that will make it much easier to remove the bulb when it's time to replace it. I did say a very little, in fact you shouldn't be able to see it, only feel in on the threads. And Only put it on the threads! Do Not apply Vaseline to the bottom of the bulb, because that could cause it to short out and spark! So be very careful!! And remember to unplug the appliance or turn the switch off before changing the bulb!