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Don't wait until it's too late and you have no heat before you get your furnace checked and serviced! Or worse than that is a furnace fire that could burn down your home, or even (CO) Poisoning that can kill you! Click on the link to watch a 9 News report on a furnace in Westminster Colorado that caught fire in the 2013/2014 heating season. In this fire the home wasn't damaged, and no one was hurt, but furnace fires can burn down homes!

Furnaces can run non-stop it seems when the outside temperatures are sub-zero. Of course the more an unsafe furnace runs the more chance it has for something to go wrong and destroy everything in a fire, or even cause death!

There are a few things in particular that can be hazardous in a furnace;

First let's talk about Carbon Monoxide (CO). This is known as a silent killer! That's because it can't be seen, tasted or even smelled. CO poisoning symptoms can include but are not limited to; Nausea, Vomiting, Headaches, Light Headedness, and Confusion. They can come on all of the sudden, and then advance rapidly so that by the time one notices them, it can be critical! Other times folks can be CO poisoned slowly over time with low level amounts of CO. They can experience mild symptoms, and dismiss them as a cold or the flu. This type of poisoning can be detrimental to your health over a long period of time and can wreck havoc on your body. Either way, CO gaseous are very dangerous!

Don’t Ignore The Symptoms!

If you’re experiencing symptoms like I mentioned get checked out by a doctor ASAP! But Beware! Doctors can overlook the symptoms too! Suspecting you have a cold or the flu they can send you home to rest. Then you’re right back in the very place that’s causing the problem!! So when you see your doctor, be sure to ask them to test you for CO poisoning! You never know, it could save your life!

As I said we can't use our senses to detect CO, but CO Detectors are available. Unfortunately most homes do not have proper CO Detection! And for the homes that do have CO Detectors, many of them do not work properly because they’re either too old, or the batteries are dead or missing! Be sure you have a properly working CO Detector. All detectors should be tested yearly and the batteries should be replaced yearly when applicable. Most CO poisoning cases could be avoided with a good CO Detector!

Another thing the furnace should be checked for is gas leaks. The gas company puts a chemical in the gas we use to heat our homes, so that we can smell it. However most furnaces are sealed with the panels and can contain the gas leaks. So it's best to have the furnace checked and serviced yearly.

These are just a couple of things I bring to your attention in this blog. Furnaces can have many other problems that should be checked for yearly. A good furnace repair company will have the proper test equipment to check for CO and Gas Leaks. Call Trinity for all of your furnace service and repair needs in Westminster Colorado. We would be glad to help!